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Cooc was born in late 80’s with the sound of Johnny Clegg, Mickael Jackson, The Beatles, Charles Mingus, Jaco Pastorius, Chick Corea, Jean Jacques Goldman and Celine Dion in his ears. He started music with piano playing when he was 4. The first melodies he wanted to play at that time was bluesy ones.

Then he got into music academy when he was 8 to learn music theory in addition of piano playing. He first met classical music with Beethoven, Czerny (hard for fingers), Hanon (piano players know that private joke), Debussy, Bach (and all his sons (another private joke for classical musicians)), Chopin and a lot of artists of that period.

Then he started playing guitare when he was 14 (mostly because it was easier than piano to transport and for girls you know..). During that period, he discovered funk music and soul music with Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Aretha Franklin, and for the french part -M- (Matthieu Chedid) who inspired him a lot.  Then (in the late 90’s) drums came into his life amongst a lot of other musical instruments (Rock period for him with Muse, Blink 182, Linkin Park, System of a down, Rage against the machine, Nirvana etc.). This is when he began to compose his own songs, mostly with french lyrics at that time. He had a lot to tell about life and a lot to complain too :).

After that in 2006 he started to create electronic music and a huge world opened to him : all the possibilities it could (and still can) offer to transform sound and get it groove to make people tap their toes in their shoes. At that time he also fell in love with Fender Rhodes keyboards ! (seriously that sound is just amazing)

During few years he was listening both electronic and rap music coming from France and USA mainly (for rap music : Busta Rhymes, Xzibit, Dr Dree, Snoop dog, Eminem, 50 cents, NTM, Iam, Assassins, Futur Proche, Booba ; for electronic music : Robert Miles, The Wiseguys, Skillex, Above & Beyond, Tritonal, Anjunadeep artists).

In 2016 he decided to dedicate a lot of his « free time » to compose orchestral music and leave lyrics writing appart. He realized that he could express what was/is in his mind without lyrics and that he needed to (kinda) empty his mind.

The last musical event that changed his way of apprehending music was in 2018 when he discovered a guy whom he considers as a musical genius : Tom Misch.

Now here he is, in 2020 starting his electronic career…

Really hope you’ll have fun and travel in your mind too listening to Cooc’s music.



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